Sunday, January 29, 2012

BGT Update


I was beginning to think that was one of the great things of pregnancy I was about to miss out on. Literally, my house had not been in such disarray in my entire life. Little tasks everywhere to be done and not an ounce of energy to do it. Well, that changed yesterday. Praise God! (Note: I also hadn't gotten to experience the joys of stretch marks on your belly in pregnancy- that has changed now too.)

Yesterday I stayed up until midnight vacuuming the house, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning the laundry room, organizing closets, organizing the baby's room, getting items in their place. In fact, my US Weekly magazine came in the mail on Saturday. One of my highlights of the week is taking a bath while ready the magazine. I filled the tub while I finished cleaning the bathroom. As I sat in the tub all I could think about was how I wanted to get through the stupid magazine and finish the rest of my household tasks!

Today I went into the office and finished cleaning it up (I recently moved offices at work to an office in back of the building in hopes to provide more privacy for me while nursing and when BGT is at work with me). We got the car seat in stalled (a perfect way to make you feel totally incompetent to raise a child- thanks to Katie for helping us install it!), finished our last baby item order on, am finishing the last of 5 loads of laundry (and all the other loads are folded and put away- seriously, that never happens!). I am even considering baking some peanut butter cookies!

My plan is to go to work for most of the day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I think my contractions are going to start on Wednesday and by Wednesday evening I am going to go to the hospital (Note: Tommy can't stop staring nervously at me right now waiting for me to shout at him to rush me to the hospital!). Then, I think I am going to deliver her early on Thursday, February 2nd. This will give me a good two days at the office to finish up some tasks. Also, my doctor is on call Wednesday night so he will be there to deliver her. My boss even agreed this was a fantastic plan! Now- we will see if baby agrees. My mom and sister firmly believe that baby will be here before then! We shall see. The only downside of my plan is that Tommy's parents do not arrive until late on the 2nd. Tommy will be bummed if I have her before they arrive. I'm not sure why- he knows my three part birthing plan!

Stay tuned...

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