Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Shower Take 3

On Saturday, my girlfriend, Kari, hosted a Baby Shower for BGT and I for a bunch of attorney girlfriends of ours. Weeks leading up to the shower there was gossip all about it at the Courthouse. It was being referred to as the Shower of the Century! (Note: While I would love to take all the glory for BGT and myself for this shower being so famous, I think the expectations were high if Kari was throwing a party and nobody wanted to miss it.

Let me tell you that it did not disappoint! At Kari's house, the floors seemed to shine a little more, the fruit seemed to be sweeter, the asparagus crunchier, the walls the perfect tone and the pictures hung beautifuly. I was able to confirm that these visions of mine are accurate as Kari has a wonderful housekeeper, a chef for a husband, and her father is an interior decorator. (Note: I really like Tommy and my dad so I am not looking to trade them in, but I am considering getting a housekeeper to come over like once or twice a month?! Paying somebody to do something I am perfectly capable of doing is not up my alley, but clearly these ladies that clean Kari's house are far more capable of cleaning than I am. Also, a housekeeper may be cheaper than ADHD medication).

So many of my girlfriends were able to make the party, it was so much fun! My mom and sister also joined us for the fun. I LOVE being around my attorney girlfriends for many reasons. One, they always have funny stories. Two, they embrace their crazy lives so well and it makes me feel not as crazy when I see them functioning the same way I do. Three, they are just all around wonderful people. These girls are the type of people who have your back at the Courthouse, throw you business or referrals when they know you are trying to expand your practice, know what to say when the stress of a trial or hearing didn't go your way, and give you helpful insight when you have a tough case or client. In fact, practicing law would be so much different without these girls in my life that I am not even sure I could do it.

Here are some pics from the party:

I wish I would have gotten my camera our sooner before some of the girls had to go, but there was a fantastic group of us! We played the string game. You know, the same game I played at work a week ago. Kudos to my madre for literally coming within two centimeters of my stomach size!

On aside, did I ever tell you the story behind the baby blanket I asked my mom to make for me? To make a long story not quite as long: when I found out I was pregnant I asked my mom to make a pink baby blanket for me. I was already convinced it was a girl and really wanted this keepsake for her. My mom found the perfect pattern and being crocheting the blanket. My mom is extremely talented when it comes to crafty projects (like many of my friends I am learning) but gets somewhat frustrated towards the end of the blanket with the way it turned out. One weekend while we are at the lake house she tells me that she is just going to finish the border and call it good. And that is just what she did. Now apparently I had a look of horror on my face when my mom got done with the blanket. Secretly I think she was dissatisfied with the way it turned out but wanted to make me feel really bad about it. I didn't see or hear anything about the blanket for months. Finally around Christmas time I asked my mom where the blanket was. Her response: "I gave it away!" What?! I was shocked! She so perfectly made me feel so bad for being so ungrateful for the blanket and then actually had the nerve to donate my daughter's blanket! I was between tears and laughter for the next 24 hours reminding all my family members to hang onto their stuff or my mom would donate it!

Well, look what I opened up at my shower:

Isn't it gorge? (Insert Tommy's response of "No, its pink!") I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to wrap little BGT up in it (actually, I kind of can. I'm getting a little freaked out about this parenting thing).

Lastly, a really fun part of the shower was the cards that people filled out for parenting advice to me. You do not often get free advice from an attorney, so let me share with you some of my favorites:

- Elizabeth - "Be careful- babies are slippery when wet!"
- Katie - "Let me watch your kid. Seriously though, don't freak out when your baby falls off the bed- it happens to everyone!"
- Kari - "Take time to enjoy each day. You deserve all the happiness each day brings." Note: she didn't mention about all the stress and hell of the days that come ahead. Do I deserve that too, Kari?
- Chira- "Accept help whenever offered." I am especially mindful of this with my mother in law heading up for three weeks. I want to be super mama and do everything for my baby, but I am going to try my best to accept help, and to be grateful for it!
- Erin - "Write things down. Time goes faster every day and your memory might not keep up."
- Mom - "Please finish your online child birth classes. Ignorance is bliss, but to have a clue is helpful."

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  1. I am so sorry I missed it! We have a present for you. Let me know when you are up for a visitor.