Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being Pregnant is kind of like...

A few days ago when I could not sleep I began to assess my inner feelings. I had not felt this kind of anxiety, this kind of stress, this kind of anticipation since.... well, since preparing for the bar exam. Yes, being pregnant is kind of like preparing for the bar exam. Here is why:

1. You gain weight.
2. You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it.
3. It consumes your life for many months.
4. You occasionally feel like crying because you are overwhelmed with the upcoming event.
5. Everybody asks you how you are doing and everybody knows you are lying when you say good.
6. The actual event goes on for hours!
7. You wonder if you have wasted your life preparing for it because you could fail.
8. To build self confidence you look around and find somebody you know and think if THEY can do it, surely I can too!
9.You read many books in preparation of it.
10, You wonder what an answer to a question is and you find the same question in three different books with three different answers.

A few days ago I was feeling really stressed. That anxiety has mostly subsided and I am mostly just excited. I do wish I could just take her out for a little bit and see her, hold her, love her, and then put her back in my belly for awhile. She is so so easy to care for right now- I am going to miss it!

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  1. Best analogy ever. Also really freaking love your photo caption on the previous post.