Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BGT Update

I did not post much about my December 23 ultrasound. This is because there was nothing exciting to post about. BGT is still looking to arrive around February 4. On the 23rd she was measuring about 4.5 pounds. I'd say she weighs about 26 pounds now, but the ultrasound tech would probably disagree. Again, BGT had her hands in front of her face so we did not get a good view of her. I was secretly hoping we would get a good view of her so I could feel confident about the name choice prior to birth. It appears that we will be making, what my friend Kimber refers to as, a game time decision for her name. Sofia, Emme and Giuliana are still top names. I have started suggesting middle names. Officially, Tommy does not have a middle name, nor does his mother, father or brothers. This results in him having no interest in middle names. My grandpa did not have a middle name so he used the letter "A" and I have always been slightly uncomfortable with that.

Here I am today at 36ish weeks:

When I look at this picture all I can really think about is how badly I need a haircut. I am going to schedule one first thing in the morning, if I remember.

For the most part, I have still been feeling pretty good. My only valid complaint would be some lower back pain. The entire pregnancy I really have not slept well either, but I manage to function for the most part. I am getting a little sick of wearing the same maternity clothes over and over. I'll be excited to be back into my sweat pants instead of Tommy's. :-) Sometimes BGT's movements are so strong it reminds me of turbulence on an airplane. I will really miss her moving around in my tummy once she is born.

I have commenced my weekly appointments with the doctor's office. I go every Friday until she is born. I am going to discuss with my doctor this Friday what his plan is if she is not here on February 3. I think I would like to schedule her delivery for February 10 if she does not arrive prior to that time; however, I would also like a particular doctor, Dr. Hoegh, to deliver her if possible, so I will have to see what my options are.

A few weeks ago my friend informed me that I would be prepared for my child once I had a carseat and a place for her to sleep. I managed to purchase and have delivered said items in the past week. As I was bragging to her today that I was "ready" she then started asking if I was mentally prepared and ready for the baby. Yikes! Is there an online course I can take in 20 minutes to get prepared? I did decide to schedule a hospital tour since I was recently informed you never go to the emergency room because apparently having a baby is not an emergency.

Phew... lets hope this baby thing gets a little easier... ;-)


  1. I made your blog!... in a sense...
    Another piece of advice... defintely schedule that haircut BEFORE the baby comes because there will be little to no time to do it afterwards. Thankfully, I got my haircut in the Friday before baby Z arrived. That was cutting it pretty close. (Pun intended!)

  2. In your defense, if you showed up in the ER in labor, they would in fact let you in and shuttle you up to L&D :) To avoid commenting on each and every post, I'm going to go ahead and tell you I love BGT's nursery! I hope I get to see your baby bump in person before she arrives, but I'm running out of time!