Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

There were so many things about today that could have made this day average (bought three sets of curtains and none of them look good in nursery; found a large scratch in my recently delivered furniture purchase; lady at hobby lobby would not accept my rain check from the mason city hobby lobby; Christmas tree did not take itself down; alarm unnecessarily went off at 630am; spent a lot of money running errands today). But somehow- it was an absolutely amazing day.

I would LOVE to post some pictures of the nursery which is about 70% complete; however, I want to wait until the curtains are found, accessories are placed, and wall art is hung on the wall. I hope to have this all done by the end of the week. (Note: I felt like it was entirely too early to get the nursery ready or other tasks that I wanted done before baby arrived until now. Now I regret not doing it earlier. I feel so exhausted and my back has been killing me making sitting on the floor or moving up and down very uncomfortable. I wish I would have had this done months ago. Kudos to my fantastic husband for spending his free time running errands with me, hanging curtains, pictures, reorganizing bedrooms and cupboards. It is even more fantastic because he does not complain about it that much.)

On New Years Day my mom posed an interesting question to the family. "What are your predictions for 2012?" It is not that the question in itself is that interesting considering it was New Years Day; but anybody who knows me knows I love predicting things and usually my family does not play along. So this question was like a gift from God. I was the first to respond: "Well, I think my daughter will be born on February 10. I think her name will be Emme Marie. And I think that in life I will have two daughters and then a son." (Note: Tommy has not agreed- not even close- to the name Emme. In fact, at this point, the only reason I think he would name his child Emme is because of my confession of saying that I have always felt that Emme would be her name. So basically this was genius for me to say!)

My sister responded next: "Well, I think I will have a son (already confirmed by ultrasound). He will be born on March 27 (she has already scheduled her c-section) and I will only have two boys in life (She is confident in her birth control choice).

My mom predicted that business would be "tough" this year. Tough in the sense that people in general seem to be broke and it is difficult to get them to pay.

I asked my dad "What are your predictions, dad?"
He responded "Predictions? Huh"
Me: "Yah, mom just asked us what our predictions were for 2012." Note: he had been sitting in the same room with us the entire time.
Dad: "Oh. Well, what were everybody else's predictions."
I then go through the list of predictions made by the rest of the room.
Dad: "Oh, I don't really have any predictions."

Happy New Year!

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